Challenge to My Opponent's Petitions

Today I filed the requisite paperwork to challenge my opponent’s petitions. While it was clear that her team made a concerted effort to collect the 200 valid and verified signatures necessary to appear on the November 8 ballot for Ward 2 State Board of Education Representative, a thorough review of the signatures she submitted revealed that she fell far short of the signatures required.

My team spent several days reviewing the 255 signatures submitted by my opponent. I am challenging 92 of her signatures on one or more of the following grounds: (1) the signer is not a duly registered voter; (2) the signer is not a duly registered voter in the ward from which the candidate seeks election at the time the petition was signed; (3) the signer, according to the Board’s records, is not registered to vote at the address listed on the petition at the time the petition was signed; (4) the petition does not include the full address of the signer; (5) the signature is a duplicate of a valid signature; and/or (6) the petition does not contain the printed or typed name of the signer where the signature is not sufficiently legible for identification. After the signatures with errors, omissions, non-registered, or non-Ward 2 petitioners are taken into consideration, my opponent will have submitted only 163 valid signatures of registered qualified electors who are residents of Ward 2, well short of the 200 signatures required.

The Board of Elections will now review my challenge and may schedule a hearing on this challenge to provide both parties an opportunity to participate in the process. I submitted the challenge personally because it is the most honest, transparent, and upstanding method to proceed with this process. I have also informed my opponent of my challenge and wished her luck in the process.

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