Education runs deep in Jack's family. His mother and grandmother were teachers and both his parents served on his hometown school board in South Dakota, championing high standards and parental involvement. The emphasis on education was no accident. Not long after Jack was born, his father, a small businessman, had to declare bankruptcy. The extended family of seven soon found themselves living in a trailer without a stable income.


For the Jacobson's education was a means to lift themselves out of poverty. Civic involvement also allowed Jack's family a way to give back to the community that helped them during those trying times. Jack brought that work ethic and determination to the District in 2000. In 2008, Jack began his public service as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner in Dupont Circle (2B04). He acted as the ANC’s public safety liaison and as the point person for the successful renovation of 17th Street. Bringing together business leaders and residents to facilitate constructive problem solving, he helped launch the Urban Neighborhood Alliance and the 17th Street Festival. He also founded DC Taxi Watch with a group of District residents to bring a consumer perspective to the discussion of taxicab rates and reform.


However, education policy and the public schools are and have always been his true passion, which is why he ran for the State Board of Education in 2012. He has long supported the District’s efforts to improve school performance rates and served as a charter member of the DC Public Education Fund’s Young Professionals Council. Jack’s a fierce advocate for his local public school, Ross Elementary. At Ross, he volunteered as a member of the school’s Safe Routes to School program to help ensure all students can get to school safely by car, bicycle or on foot. On Friday afternoons he mentors at Marie Reed Learning Center with Everybody Wins!, where his student, a second grader, is gaining confidence in her reading skills.


Jack believes “The caliber of education and the schools impacts everyone in the the District, regardless of whether they have school age children or not."


“Food and water sustain the human body, but education gives you the ability to excel at whatever you choose. It means you go from being simply good at something to being great. We have some excellent schools in the District. The issue is making sure that excellence can be replicated in all four corners of Ward 2.”


When not working on local public policy issues, Jack enjoys traveling, cooking and writing. A graduate of Augustana College, Jack works as a legislative analyst at a global law firm based in the District.